Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sturgeon Season Starts!

The sturgeon have arrived! Last week, we picked up over 4,000 baby lake sturgeon from the Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery in Georgia. A little over a month ago, USFWS staff transported back fertilized eggs from lake sturgeon that were spawning in Wisconsin. During their month at Warm Springs, the fish hatched, absorbed nutrients from their yolk sac, and began eating. We pick up our fish after they have undergone a month-long quarantine process. Right now, they are feeding on brine shrimp, chopped bloodworms, and some very tiny commerical fish chow. Most of these fish will be released in October or November this fall when they are at least six inches in length.

We just released 25 large lake sturgeon in Chattanooga and have been receiving reports of their whereabouts in Lake Chickamauga! Leave us a comment if you see one while out fishing.

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