Friday, May 23, 2008

An Evening with Cousteau

Last night, the Tennessee Aquarium was fortunate to host Jean-Michel Cousteau and Gavin McKinney as part of the premiere for Dolphins and Whales 3D. After watching the movie, Mr. Cousteau spoke for over an hour about the health of our oceans, and the connectivity of all of our ecosystems. He especially noted the need to preserve our life support systems. It was a remarkable lecture, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. An added bonus was the donation of all proceeds to the Aquarium's Conservation Society for the benefit of TNARI. If you ever get a chance to hear Mr. Cousteau lecture, don't miss it!

For more about the lecture, read here.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome Home, Kickapoo!

Gap Creek Elementary School, our partner school in Knoxville, has been rearing a Lake Sturgeon in their classroom this spring. They named him Kickapoo Tanasi, and he's been quite a lively addition to their classroom, from what we hear. Kickapoo came back to TNARI today, where he'll be keeping visitors amused by his antics at the public aquarium at Cohutta Fishery Center. Thanks to Gap Creek for doing such a good job raising him, and happy graduation to the 5th graders!