Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fun with the Fish Scientists

We're still recovering from last week's meeting of the Southeastern Fishes Council... man, those ichthyologists know how to have a good time! Most of our day was spent in talks with titles like "Systematics of the Etheostoma rufilineatum Species Group (Teleostei: Percidae) Based on Both Mitochondrial (Cytochrome B) and Nuclear (S7 Intron) Loci." We had a long session on captive propagation, which brought up both past projects in the Southeast (like our very own Save the Sturgeon program) and how to optimize captive propagation programs. In between talks, we got to visit the Aquarium and hang with the big fish:

We also took them behind the scenes at the Aquarium, since most ichthyologists know more about what is necessary to keep fish alive in the wild instead of alive in a tank.

It wasn't all pure science, either. Bernie Kuhajda, the SFC chair, helped me write an editorial for the Tennessean about water resources in the Southeast. You can read it here.

Now it's time to recover... we host this group in Chattanooga again next year!

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